Where It All Began

Let's go back to the very start of ZWISH. Imagine a time when ZWISH was just a basketball camp for kids in Copenhagen. Our focus? Teaching the basics of basketball while nurturing a love for the game. Think fundamental skills and teamwork coming together in a snapshot of a team photo, capturing the essence of those early days when ZWISH started as a spark.

Growing Together

From that small camp, something big emerged. People noticed, and ZWISH started to expand. It wasn't just about numbers – it was about getting better. We teamed up with pro players and some of Denmark's best coaches. Our camp transformed into something bigger and more exciting. Oh, and did we mention our cool camp gear? Everyone wanted a piece of it!

Embracing the Swish

Today, ZWISH is more than a camp; it's a whole vibe. We heard you – you wanted more. So, we transformed into a brand that creates gear to help athletes shine. Every product we design is about nailing that perfect shot – just like a swish. Our passion for excellence and our commitment to making a positive impact haven't changed a bit. See it all in our images, showing that we're not just a brand; we're part of Denmark's basketball story, cheering on its growth and culture.